24 hour


Hour 1

Under the conditions of general uncertainty and fear brought on by a global pandemic, twelve artists, exiled from their studios, dive into planning the show that will mark the beginning of their 2nd year in their MFA program.

Hour 2

Cautious but hopeful, the cohort chooses to exhibit their work off-campus at a factory-turned printing space south of downtown Columbus. The building is a safe bet in this time of unpredictability.

Hour 3

And yet -- the building ignores all attempts at communication from the group. They take the hint.

Hour 4

The group convenes on Zoom. Next option? A fleet of U-haul trucks? Shot down. Annex the windows of closed storefronts on High Street? Shot down. How about the gymnasium inside that one artist collective?

Hour 5

After a tour of the gymnasium, the artists decide it can be Covid-proofed. A little shoddy, slightly unorthodox (no, the grand piano cannot be removed from the gym), but it’ll work.

Hour 6

The group rests easy for a moment as they await the gym’s quote for a one-week rental.

Hour 7

Meanwhile, mass protests erupt in downtown Columbus and across the country in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hour 8
Making art is impossible...and yet, in this hour, under this stress, under massive inequalities, amidst fear and burning love, the artists respond. They make art.

Hour 9

The gym gets back to the group with its rent quote; the details will not be divulged here, but, needless to say, the group is left reeling from this capitalistic smite.

Hour 10

Gloom on Zoom

Hour 11

What’s this now? International student visas may be denied if university classes go digital? Call your senators! Call your representa—

Hour 12
The issue is resolved momentarily (keep vigilant)

Hour 13

Another stab-- the group will have the show completely outdoors on the grounds of an old military fort-turned-arts high school.

Hour 14

After 5 long months spent making art at kitchen counters, on coffee tables, and in garage corners, the artists’ studios on campus reopen!

Hour 15

With a rush of questions, the artists grapple with making work on the expansive grounds of a retired military arsenal. A sampling: Can I paint on the grass? Can I dangle a swath of spandex from the bell tower? Can I attach a neon sign to the roof of that one crumbling building that used to store gunpowder?

Hour 16

Important information for something is lost somewhere down an email black hole.

Hour 17

Scheming and dreaming… hot bands of sunlight filter into the studios of Hopkins Hall and Sherman at 4:30 everyday signaling that it is time to step away for the evening.
Hour 18
The artists establish a website as a complement to the show. It will not replace the gallery, but rather act as a new site. An appendix. An addendum. A free-floating wavelength that is zapped to your device on command.

Hour 19 

There is a vote for the show title: 24-hour Drama wins after heated debate. The artists inch their way towards the end of the drama.

Hour 20 

And yet-- the old arsenal regretfully informs them that it must cancel the show. As a mere prisoner to the bureaucratic powers of public education, its hands are tied.

Hour 21

Absolute ruin… and then--

Hour 22

The Hybrid Arts Lab Tent pops up on campus, offering shelter to the bruised and battered bunch. One last proposal, one last trial, oh please!

Hour 23

This is precarity eroticized by the drama of distraction. This is the promise of infinite, infinite possibility that masks utter neglect. These are the conditions of this particular hour, and this hour lasts forever.

Hour 24
Instead of trying to create order from disorder, the artists lean into the enduring chaos of the exhibition and allow the 24- hour Drama to unfold at its own will.

Ashley Browne
Christian Casas
Brianna Gluszak
Amber Hall
Miranda Holmes
Ji Hyun Lee
Aaron Peters
Armando Roman
Lydia Smith
Brett Taylor
Bradley Weyandt

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